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About us


As the central theme of this page prescribes, we make films. The films we make can be roughly separated in the following categories:
• Promotional and advertising films;
The promotional and advertising films consist of the films used for promotional goals and television commercials, or advertising films of other kind. Companies that need a film for a promotional campaign, charities that need a short film to deliver a message to a specific group of people or an event organizer requiring a short film for the event: all can be categorized under the promotional and advertising films.
• Documentaries;
The documentaries constitute a broad category of nonfictional films, which are intended to create an aspect of reality, molded into the form of an educational film. Documentaries are often used for filmmaking practice and shall be initiated upon the desire to create an educational film about a specific subject.
• Feature films;
The feature film category is the most important category, for it will reflect the majority of our business on the long run. This category consists of the motion pictures and the ‘movies’, meaning that the film has a running time of at least sixty minutes. The feature films are made for initial distribution in theaters and are ‘full-length’.